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The Nourished Hormones Experience

True healing begins when you allow it to.


I will help guide you to find the strength to do the uncomfortable, bold, authentic things that you want to do.

I am here to fully understand and support you in a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional way. 

Let me show you how I can help you rise above.


Why Minerals Matter

When our minerals are out of WHACK then our body is not at its best - hence unbalanced hormones.

Minerals are our bodies spark plugs, without minerals it will be much harder for our bodies to produce hormones, detoxify toxins, make digestive juices, have optimal thyroid health, liver health and so much more...

so instead our bodies will begin using up other nutrients pushing your body to its limit. 

BUT there is a way to end this cycle -- with The Nourished Hormones Experience.

A Woman's Haircut

How It Works

Step 1: First we test your hair with a hair mineral test. 

hormone testing tells us what our hormone levels are BUT hair mineral testing tells us why


Why do we use hair testing over bloodwork?!

Hair testing shows us what’s going on inside the cell.  It tells us what has been happening over the course of three months, while bloodwork just gives us a snapshot of the time we tested.

Sneak peak into what we will go over:

How your adrenals (the glands that produce stress hormones and look after major functions in the body) are performing, the level of your minerals like magnesium and potassium, and what they actually mean, as well as toxic metals that may be leaving the hair. 

Once The Nourished Hormones Experience is purchased you will receive an email to schedule a 45min assessment of your current health, lifestyle, spiritual and nutritional habits. We will then discuss your future goals based on your current health state and go over how to complete the htma test in the comfort of your home.

Step 2: Personalized Protocol and Meal Plan

Once the results are in we can begin treating the root cause...


To avoid all the confusion on what supplements you need we include all phase 1 supplements in the price (this will be sent directly to your door step!!) And a beautiful meal plan will be made for you (& your family). 

You will also receive recommendations for specific health concerns (that are relevant to you) like thyroid, endometriosis, pcos, pregnancy, reflux, histamine intolerance, and more.

A video interpretation as well as a written form of your hair mineral test will also be sent to you via email. 

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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